Photo session for a cosmetology center: beauty from the inside

Photo session for a cosmetology center: beauty from the inside

Сosmetology center

As a photographer, I’ve always been intrigued by the workings of the cosmetic business and beauty industry. So when Dr. Tetiana Kobets offered me the opportunity to conduct a photo session for her modern cosmetic center KeyMed

located in the heart of Kyiv, I jumped at the chance with great enthusiasm.

My task was crystal clear: to create vibrant and authentic photographs that not only showcased the clinical procedures but also highlighted the wide range of services offered by the center. And I wasn’t disappointed – the photo shoot of cosmetic procedures turned into an exciting journey into the world of beauty secrets.


The clinic’s staff is truly the cornerstone of any successful enterprise. Therefore, capturing portraits of the employees became an equally important part of the project. These positive and professional portraits captured in a unified style, create a cohesive impression of the team and the clinic’s atmosphere.

Съёмка косметологической клиники-фотограф Владимир Герасимов


The list of procedures proved to be extensive. To clearly convey their essence in photographs, I had to delve into the terminology: myostimulation, plasma therapy, radiofrequency lifting, thread lifting… Of course, I didn’t become an expert in the beauty industry after this! But learning these new terms added interest and understanding to the efforts that people put into seeking the elixir of youth today.

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